Lunch at Stanford: A Roundup

The Mystery of the Forbesbidden Fruit - New Ike's sandwich for the Stanford Forbes Family Café in honor of Burt and Candee Forbes.
An Ike’s sandwich.

I dropped by Olives on the quads at Stanford for lunch the other day, and was shocked at how bad it was. I had been there before, but assumed that I had misremembered. North of $7 for bland, mealy, day old falafel on a huge pile of wilty iceberg lettuces. Thai Café in Jordan was another disappointment—mountains of bland fried things, rescued only by a copious dose of Sriracha.

Where, then, should we eat? Here are some ideas:

  • NetAppetit is mediocre to occasionally good East/Southeast/South Asian buffet food, served out of a truck for six bucks a box or so.
  • Ike’s is popular for its well-seasoned deli sandwiches. They are more than a bit overpriced for small, quick-service sandwiches, though. It’s not hard to break $10, even without a drink. You can get much cheaper—if worse—deli sandwiches in Cubberly, and equally good, marginally cheaper ones at Cantor.
  • We already covered the Taqueria in Beckman.
  • As far as the oddly sterile Stanford-run dining venues go, The Axe and Palm in Old Union serves up decent, mostly pasture-raised burgers for well under $8, and the GSB’s Arbuckle has solid thin crust pizza (including nettle pesto recently—nettles!).
  • The Coupa Café kiosk between Green and Meyer libraries has a $5 lunch special that has recently included a carnitas sandwich and a chicken shepherd’s pie of sorts with salad.
  • Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile shows up at Stanford about once a week, serving a pretty wide range of organic Oaxacan meat-and-or-cheese-on-some-Masa-based-flatbread dishes.

Two $5 lunches from Coupa.

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